Peter Crompton

Robyn Spencer-Crompton

Peter Crompton started as a fine artist, and his paintings have been shown nationally and won many awards. He moved to Santa Rosa in 1999 he took up monumental sculpture, using the techniques and aesthetic that he learned in the theater. He and Robyn are represented by Hammerfriar gallery in Healdsburg, CA. 

Robyn Spencer Crompton came to mosaics through what she considers the "back door". An internationally exhibited quilt maker and theatrical costume designer, Robyn has found mosaics to offer the physical manifestation of the mythological spirit that inspires her. Her densely realized garden sculpture is created to give voice to the "mysteries of life that have no other language".

He tends an increasingly bizarre sculpture garden, recently featured on the HGTV program “ Offbeat America ” , with his wife Robyn. The garden is open every October for Artrails.

For the past 18 years Peter has made his living as a freelance theatrical scenic designer. His body of work includes Ballet, opera, musicals, contemporary and period drama, experimental works, and several world premieres. He has designed over 200 productions and worked on countless others. As one of the sought after designers in the San Francisco Bay area, He works for many Bay area companies including, Festival Opera, Opera San Jose, Marin Theater Company, Revels, Napa Valley College Lamplighters, DLOC, CCMT, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Opera San Jose, Solano College, Jarvis Conservatory, SRT and Willows.

Robyn first collaborated with her husband on "Fishboy". Peter sculpts the forms and then together Robyn and Peter create a concrete surface strengthened with polymer fibers and additives. It is then up to Robyn to clad the forms in mosaic materials utilizing glass and found objects. To her " it is the part I like best. Where meaningful content and glistening surfaces join elegance of form creating something significant as well as beautiful." *

Since 1999 Robyn has taught at In the Fashion Department at Santa Rosa Junior College. She also teaches costume and makeup design at Diablo Valley College.

Her Mosaic work was recently published in "Mosaic Art and Style" by Joanne Locktov. 

*Text by Joanne Locktov

His work is known for it's clever solutions and lushness of detail. He enjoys the varied collaborative aspects of theater, especially Opera. He has won Bay Area Critic's Choice, Shellies, and many Goodman Choice awards.

For the last several years he has taught design and stagecraft at Santa Rosa Junior College Theater Arts Department, where he is also resident scenic designer.